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motion control tool

design your power supply with the online webdesigner ™ power supply design tool. select the optimum on semiconductor products customized for your application requirements. this easy-to-use tool helps you save time and effort. the powerful design engine lets you compare designs and topologies. you can see the schematic operating values, chars, bom with footprint and price.

powertrain tools

design the powertrain using on semiconductor mosfets and diodes discrete products. analyze power dissipation of on semiconductor devices in the powertrain of the power stage of various topologies.

buck synchronous powertrain tool

motion control design tool calculates power dissipation and temeprature increase in intelligent power modules (ipm) and smart power modules (spm) in motion control applications.

boost asynchrnous powertrain tool

analyze the power dissipation of the on semiconductor mosfets and diodes in asynchronous boost topology.

phase-shifted full bridge & synchronous rectification powertrain

analyze the power dissipation of mosfet in the phase-shift full-bridge and synchronous rectifier.

power factor correction (ccm and bcm)

analyze power dissipation of mosfet in boost power factor applications.

other tools

buck pwm controller with integrated mosfet - fsl3 design tool

design tool for fsl3 products with integrated mosfet for pwm buck topology.

load switch tool

select, analyze and evaluate performace of load switches.

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