evaluate, test and design

the strata developer studio is a cloud-connected development software which provides a seamless, personalized and secure environment for engineers.

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strata enabled solutions

evaluate, test, and design with onsemi technologies with the numerous released and upcoming strata enabled evaluation boards, evaluation kits, and reference designs in various applications within automotive, industrial, cloud power and iot solutions.

dc-dc controllers, converters & regulators

ldo regulators & linear voltage

ac-dc controllers & regulators


load switches

usb type-c

motor drivers

led drivers

battery management



amplifiers & comparators

analog-to-digital converters

standard logic

upcoming strata solution
strata enabled mosfet 3-phase bldc motor driver

four power mosfet boards to support different voltage/power ranges:

  • board a: 10v-16v/600w max
  • board b: 16v-30v/960w max
  • board c: 30v-60v/1.2kw max
  • board d: 60v-100v/1.2kw max



ability to measure, test and control many different design parameters for fast, simple and customized evaluation experience

complete design collateral such as, schematics, layouts, block diagrams, user guides, test reports, data sheets, and much more in one place

automatic over-the-air updates to ensure strata developer studio has the most up to date materials and features all the time

out of the box experience to provide an ultimate user-friendly experience

various filters are available in strata developer studio to provide the user an ease of search to find the right solution for them in one click


strata developer studio™ wins iot world best in show award

may 30, 2019

strata was recognized within the “development tools and operating systems category for its “ability to provide designers with a wealth of product information in a format that’s easy to digest. hence, searching for product info is a thing of the past.”