strata enabled usb automotive 2-凯发登录

the strata based dual 100w usb-pd automotive charging system demonstrates on semiconductor's broad portfolio of usb-pd and power solutions, including the fusb302 type-c & pd port controller, the fusb252 hv protection switch, and the ncv81599 4-switch buck-boost controller. additionally, the strata software also provides full control over the system and allows the user to experiment with various fault and foldback features, change power profiles on each port, and monitor telemetry while charging various load devices. design collateral such as schematics, pcb layout, test reports, etc. are supplied in the same strata interface to ease evaluation. see the strata webpage at for more details!


  • input: 5v to 32v
  • outputs up to 100w per port (200w max.)
  • default power profiles:5/7/9/12/15/20v at up to 5a
  • full system; power, port policy, and protection
  • adjustable power profiles: 5v to 20v in 100mv steps
  • fault and foldback for temperature & input voltage
  • cable compensation
  • automotive qualified components
  • thermal and battery protection
  • dual usb type-c outputs


  • fusb302t type-c & pd port controller
  • low power icc=25ua (typical)
    ─ usb-pd 2.0 spec compliant
    ─ i2c configurable
  • ncv81599 4-switch buck-boost
    ─ integrated drivers
    ─ i2c interface to implement usb-pd
  • fusb252 hv protection switch
    ─ 20v protection on cc
    ─ 16v protection on d /d-
    ─ surge protection


  • automotive infotainment and charging systems
  • industrial and commercial transportation
  • marine applications
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strata enabled usb automotive 2-port 100w source
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software strata setup software for microsoft windows 
video strata developer studio | usb-pd 双端口 100w电源   
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