strata enabled zigbee® green power kit-凯发登录

the str-ncs36510-zb-eh-1-gevk demonstrates the use of in a battery-free zigbee® green power application. the kit consists of one zigbee® coordinator (zc) usb device, which interfaces with strata, and two energy-harvesting nodes, which act as zigbee® green power devices (zgpd). by pressing the switch on each of these devices, energy is generated and used to power the module. within strata, the module sends out zigbee® green power frames to control the smart home scene. one switch controls the lighting in the scene, and acts as a battery-free light switch when pressed. the other switch represents a door sensor. the advanced tab displays a live feed of debug messages being sent. see the strata webpage at for more details!


  • 2.4 ghz ieee® 802.15.4 module pre-certified with fcc and zigbee® pro r21
  • firmware based on the dsr zboss zigbee® 3.0 & zigbee® green power stacks
  • 32-bit arm® cortex-m3 processor
  • ultra-low transmit power consumption (as low as 6.9 mw)
  • ultra-low receive power consumption (as low as 6.6 mw)
  • multiple sleep modes (including 0.65 ua coma mode sleep current, 0.18 ua coma mode leakage current)
  • embedded memory configurations (640 kb flash and 48kb ram)
  • exceptional receiver sensitivity of -99 dbm
  • programmable output power up to ~8 dbm


  • ieee® 802.15.4 zigbee® / 6lowpan / thread wireless applications
  • smart home security, automation, and lighting
  • building and industrial automation
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