strata enabled multi-凯发登录

strata enables seamless evaluation of hardware devices such as this configurable multifunction logic gate. the evaluation hardware can be controlled with simple gui input switches while monitoring the output of two individual logic gates. design collateral such as schematics, pcb layout, test reports, etc. are supplied in the same strata interface to ease evaluation. this design serves as a vehicle for on semiconductor customers to understand and start taking advantage of the new strata ecosystem. other designs will follow such as switching and linear power supplies, offline converters, and a power ecosystem to fully evaluate most power converters. see the strata webpage at for more details!


  • strata enabled
  • easy visual demonstration of strata ecosystem
  • variety of logic gate functions
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strata enabled multi-function logic gate
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software strata setup software for microsoft windows 
video strata: 逻辑门接口   
eval board: schematic str-logic-gates-evk schematic  0 
eval board: gerber str-logic-gates-evk gerber layout files (zip format)  0 
eval board: bom str-logic-gates-evk bill of materials (rohs compliant)  0 
eval board: manual str-logic-gates-evk user guide  0 

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