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seco-hvdcdc1362-15w-gevb is highly efficient and primary-side regulated (psr) auxiliary power supply targeting hev and ev automotive power trains. the design provides a stable 15 v output and 15 w over a wide input dc voltage range from 250 v to 900 v, and is therefore suitable for 400 v and 800 v battery systems. the board employs the ncv1362 quasi-resonant peak current psr flyback controller, the 3-lead cost-optimized nvhl160n120sc1 160 m 1200 v silicon carbide (sic) mosfet, and the ffsd0665b-f085 sic diode.

thanks to the high blocking voltage capabilities and ultra-low gate charge (34 nc) value of the sic fet, the switching losses are significantly reduced, and the board exhibits a superior efficiency for the application up to 86% in low line input conditions. the notable driving capabilities of the ncv1362 controller allows for direct operation of the sic fet at 12v without a pre-driver, simplifying the layout and cutting down the component count.

the flyback transformer provides 4 kv isolation and is optimized to minimize the losses on the rcd snubber. consequently the system effectively dampens the drain voltage overshoot at high line, and provides 100 v margin for the sic fet. the board is fully realized with automotive qualified semiconductors and passive devices. industrial grade replacements are also available.



  • ncv1362 (automotive) / ncp1362 (industrial) quasi-resonant peak current psr flyback controller
  • fully automotive qualified devices
  • vin = 240 v - 900 v dc only
  • vout = 15 v / 15 w continuous
  • electromagnetic compatibility (en 55015 limits)
  • high efficiency up to 86%
  • sic fet directly operated at 12 v by the ic
  • excellent thermal performance


  • superior efficiency with sic devices
  • stable performance across a wide input voltage range (250 vdc ? 900 vdc )
  • reduced bill-of-material and cost-optimized
  • fully aec-q qualified parts
  • emc within en 55015 limits
  • single layer pcb


  • ev charging and dc-dc conversion
  • hev & ev vehicles auxiliary power supplies
  • automotive powertrain systems
  • industrial dcdc conversion, solar inverts (with industrial grade)
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seco-hvdcdc1362-15w-gevb active
15 w sic high-voltage auxiliary power supply for hev & bev applications
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video automotive high voltage auxiliary power supply   
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