the sec-3ph-11-obc-evb is a three-phase on board charger (obc) platform achieving state-of-the-art system efficiency with aec-q sic power devices and drivers. the system boasts the high performance sic mosfet 1200 v, 80 mω (), sic mosfet gate driver 6a () and sic diode 650 v, 30 a (). conceived in a modular approach and equipped with a user-friendly gui, the kit facilitates the evaluation of the sic devices in an obc application. the llc system is driven in voltage or current control modes by the embedded software. ultimately, the platform serves as a learning environment for three-phase ac/dc power conversion. visit the on board charging solutions solutions site to learn how onsemi can help you a comprehensive and advanced portfolio.


  • aec-q qualified sic power devices and drivers
  • ac/dc 3-ph pfc full bridge (voltage source inverter)
  • dc/dc llc full bridge
  • executable software foc (vector control), cc and cv
  • gui
  • input voltage - 195-265 vac
  • dc bus max - 735 vdc
  • output voltage - 200-450 vdc
  • output current - 0-40a
  • fs max. 400 khz


  • proven state-of-the-art achievable efficiency (>95%)
  • facilitates testing and measurement for system evaluation.
  • building know-how on of 3-ph pfc / llc topology systems


  • on board charger (obc)
  • ev charging
  • 3-ph ac/dc conversion
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three-phase on board charger (obc) pfc-llc platform ,  , 
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reference designs on board charger (obc) llc converter tnd6318/d - 4494 kb  0 
application notes on board charger (obc) three-phase pfc converter and9957/d - 1197 kb  3 
eval board: manual sec-3ph-11-obc-evb evaluation board user's manual  3 
eval board: bom sec-3ph-11-obc-evb_llc bill of materials (rohs compliant)  1 
eval board: bom sec-3ph-11-obc-evb_pfc bill of materials (rohs compliant)  1 
software sec-3ph-11-obc-evb_llc graphical user interface  1 
eval board: schematic obc_llc_resonant_tank_we_3d_schematic  0 
eval board: schematic obc_llc_resonant_tank_we_schematic  0 
eval board: schematic obc_llc_switch_board_3d_schematic  0 
eval board: schematic obc_llc_switch_board_schematic  0 
eval board: schematic sic_driver_board_3d_schematic  0 
eval board: schematic sic_driver_board_schematic  0 
eval board: schematic obc_pfc_power_3d_schematic  0 
eval board: schematic obc_pfc_control_schematic  0 
eval board: schematic obc_pfc_power_schematic  0 
video electric vehicle on-board charger walkthrough   
eval board: gerber sec-3ph-11-obc-evb manufacturing files  1 

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