spi controlled h-凯发登录

the ncv7535v5c450gevb evaluation board is a monolithic spi controlled chip with enhanced feature set useful in automotive systems. besides the spi bus interface, the ic features an h?bridge pre?driver to control a dc?motor. this allows a highly integrated solution.

evaluation board features
  • n?mosfet reverse protection and decoupling on the main (battery) supply
  • on?board 5 v ldo
  • mcu with usb interface controlling ncv7535
  • one?row pin header, providing the circuit signals, enables easy insertion of the evaluation board into a more complex application setup
  • on?board current sensing shunt resistor and operational amplifier
  • good thermal connection of the power mosfets allowing high current capability
  • oscilloscope test?points on all important signals
  • m4 screw connectors for power signals (battery, ground, output)
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ncv7535v5c450gevb active
spi controlled h-bridge pre-driver
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eval board: manual ncv7535 spi controlled h-bridge pre-driver evaluation board user's manual  0 
eval board: bom ncv7535v5c450gevb bill of materials (rohs compliant)  0 
eval board: schematic ncv7535v5c450gevb schematic  0 
eval board: test procedure ncv7535v5c450gevb test procedure  0 
software ncv7535v5c450gevb gui files  1 

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