the arrayx-bob6-64s is an evaluation board allowing easy access to the sum of all of standard pixel signals of a sensl arrayj- 60035-64p, 6 mm 8 x 8 tsv array, in addition to all of the individual fast output signals. the breakout board features two samtec 80-way connectors, type qse-040-01-f-d-a. these connectors mate with the samtec qte-040-03-f-d-a board-to-board connector on the array. since the connectors are keyed, orientating the array on the bob is straightforward. a schematic of the board is shown in figure 4 below.
fast signals: all of the fast output signals (fn) from the array are routed via the mating connectors to header pins. these pins are formed of four 50-way (25 x 2 row) 2.54 mm pitch headers; j3, j4, j5 and j6. each of the four headers also has 10 pins that connect to the common cathode (cm) and 8 pins left unconnected (nc) to allow prototyping for evaluation purposes.
two sma connectors and balun transformers are provided with 4-pin headers to allow any fast signal to be connected directly to the sma or via the transformer using jumper wires.
summed output: a summed output (the anodes of pixels 1 to 64 connected together) is routed to jumper pins (sm) in close proximity to a third sma connector. four 7 mm holes are placed on a 25 mm grid to allow mounting of the board on an optical breadboard.
产品 状况 compliance 简短说明 所用产品 行动
arrayx-bob6-64s-gevk active
c/j-array 6mm 8x8 sum bob

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