evaluation board for the arrayrdm-凯发登录

this product allows users to quickly and easily set up an evaluation of the arrayrdm-0112a20-qfn 1x12 element silicon photomultiplier (sipm) array.

the arrayrdm-0112a20-gevb evaluation board schematic is available in the linked document and consists of:

  • arrayrdm-0112a20-qfn sipm array
  • 12 u.fl connectors for access to each pixel cathode for signal readout
  • an sma connector for applying the bias to the common anode
  • bias filtering circuit
  • decoupling capacitors (12 x 10 nf and 4 x 100 nf decoupling capacitors from anode to ground not shown)
note that a negative bias supply should be suppled via the sma connector (j13) and the u.fl connectors (j1 to j12) should be 50ω terminated.
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arrayrdm-0112a20-gevb active
evaluation board for the arrayrdm-0112a20-qfn
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data sheet silicon photomultipliers (sipm), rdm-series 1 x 12 monolithic array  p9 
eval board: schematic arrayrdm-0112a20-gevb schematic  0 

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