ax5045 915 mhz add-凯发登录

development kit comes with productivity-enhancing complete development tool suite ax5045 is supported by the development kit dvk-2. this is a complete and flexible ready-to-go solution for easy testing, evaluation and development of on semiconductors rf ics. it is suited for real performance tests using professional lab equipment, as well as for application code development. the dvk-2 is based on the ax8052f100 mcu and offers both the ax-radiolab gui as well as the advanced graphic integrated development environment ax8052-ide together with the freely usable sdcc c-compiler to go with it. (note: while this add-on is compatible with all existing dvk-2c axdbg, please use a dvk-2c v1.10 (or higher) and axdbg-2 v2.6 (or higher) for optimal performance at max output power).
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add5045-915-1-gevk active
ax5045 915 mhz add-on modules for dvk-2 evaluation kit ax5045-1-tw30
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eval board: gerber add5045-915-1-gevk gerber layout files (zip format)  0 
eval board: bom add5045-915-1-gevk bill of materials (rohs compliant)  0 
eval board: schematic add5045-915-1-gevk schematic  0 

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