world of automotive

at onsemi, we know that vehicles aren’t getting smarter, but the technology inside is.


we collaborate with engineers around the world to reach that future faster with world-class automotive solutions.


the evolution of automotive with advancements in autonomous driving, adas, vehicle electrification, and the exponential increase in electronics content for vehicle platforms is altering the boundaries of personal transportation. vehicle occupants are safer with high-performance cmos imaging, lidar, and radar technologies, allowing sensor fusion algorithms the ability to detect critical details for immediate action.

electrified powertrains reduce the overall co2 output of the transportation sector while providing improved range and broadening the options for vehicle platforms traditionally based on the internal combustion engine (ice).

lighting is becoming more intelligent to supplement adas systems and to provide brand customization. led-based solutions provide higher intensity illumination while reducing electrical loading and improving the driving experience..

with over 20 years of supporting the automotive sector and a complete portfolio of aec qualified products, onsemi enables customers to design high-reliability solutions that create value for the end-user while delivering peak performance.


partnerships & sponsorships


using our latest technology, subaru is developing life-saving systems like eyesight and driverfocus.