the portfolio of i/o expanders from on semiconductor includes a variety of high performance 8-bit and 16-bit i/o expanders that provide parallel input/output port expansion for i²c and smbus compatible applications. the ideal performance characteristics and features of the portfolio include low standby current, high drive capability, individual i/o configuration, noise filters, industrial temperature range operation, active low interrupt output, active low reset input, internal power-on reset, and programmable slave addresses. applications for the portfolio of i/o expanders include backlighting, rgb color mixing, sensors control, power switches, push-buttons, and input/output port expansion for extended addressing capability. the i/o expanders target end products that include alarm systems, white goods (dishwashers and washing machines), handheld devices (cell phones, pdas, and digital cameras), data communications (routers, hubs, and servers), and keyboards. the portfolio also includes aec-q101 qualified and ppap capable options specifically engineered and qualified for automotive industry applications.
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