the portfolio of igbt and mosfet gate drivers optocouplers from on semiconductor includes a variety of current gate drive octocouplers that drive power igbts and mosfets. they consist of an aluminum gallium arsenide (algaas) light-emitting diode (led) optically coupled to an integrated circuit with a high-speed driver for a push-pull mosfet output stage. these devices use a proprietary coplanar packaging technology from on semiconductor, optoplanar®, and optimized ic design to achieve high noise immunity, characterized by high common-mode rejection. additional ideal performance characteristics and features of the portfolio include high noise immunity, wide supply voltage range, fast switching speed, under-voltage lock-out (uvlo) with hysteresis, and the use of p-channel mosfets at the output stage enables output voltage swing close to the supply rail. the devices operate at an extended industrial temperate range from -40°c up to 125°c temperature range and achieved the following safety and regulatory approvals: ul1577 and din en/iec60747-5-5. applications include ac-dc merchant power supply, energy generation and distribution, industrial motor, uninterruptible power supply (ups), industrial inverter, induction heating, isolated igbt/power mosfet gate drive, and ac and brushless dc motor drives.
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