silicon carbide (sic) modules-凯发登录


these silicon carbide (sic) modules from onsemi have integrated sic mosfets and sic diodes that provide lower conduction and switching losses, while enabling designers to achieve high efficiency and superior reliability.

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sic module, 4-pack half bridge topology, 1200 v, 20 mω sic mosfet


sic modules, vienna module, 900 v, f2 package

related resources

application note

mounting instructions for pim modules (q0, q1, q2, f1, f2)

this application note covers the mounting instructions for onsemi power integrated modules (pims). onsemi family of power integrated modules have package options using solder pins or press−fit pins for the connection of the module to a printed circuit board (pcb).

application note

onsemi gen 1 1200 v sic mosfets & modules: characteristics and driving recommendations

this paper provides an overview on the key characteristics of onsemi gen 1 1200 v sic mosfets and how they can be influenced by the driving conditions. as part of the full wide bandgap ecosystem that onsemi offers, this article also provides a guideline on the usage of the ncp51705, an isolated gate driver for sic mosfets.


25 kw sic module fast ev dc charger power stage

off-board ev charging solutions

power integrated modules for solar inverters

solar home and battery storage demo

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