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the connected lighting platform is a modular development kit for prototyping cost-effective, industrial led lighting solutions. the platform is extremely energy efficient and features wireless control (on/off, dimming, etc.) and two independently controlled led channels that provide a maximum brightness of 7000 lumens.

the base platform comprises of four components:

  • an led module, supporting 2 strings (warm white and cool white) of 16 leds
  • a bluetooth(r) low energy connectivity board featuring rsl10 sip
  • an ac/dc power board (vin ac: 90 - 270v, vout dc: 55v, pout electrical: 70w, power factor > 0.99 at full load)
  • an led driver board featuring fl7760 (dimming down to 0.6%, telemetry data, 12-bit pwm)

the platform provides several led control functionalities using the rsl10 sense and control mobile app (, ) or web client. the platform is supported by a comprehensive development environment, including a cmsis-pack featuring customizable firmware, free rtos, and various use cases.

is available separately for power over ethernet (poe) connectivity up to 90 watts.



  • high-power lighting features
    • up to 2 strings of 16 leds (7000 lumen)
    • dual independent led channel
    • white balance control (12-bit dimmer from 0 to max)
  • multiple connectivity options
    • bluetooth® low energy
    • power over ethernet (poe)
  • compliant with multiple industry standards
  • high efficiency power conversion ( >90% at full load )
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