mlvds driver receiver-凯发登录

the nba3n206s is a 3.3 v differential multipoint (m-lvds) line driver and receiver. nba3n206s supports simplex or half duplex bus configurations.
the nba3n206s has type-2 receivers that detect the bus state with as little as 50 mv of differential input voltage over a common-mode voltage range of -1 v to 3.4 v. type-2 receivers include an offset threshold of 0.1 v to provide a detectable voltage under open-circuit, idle-bus, and other fault conditions.
the nba3n206sdgevb evaluation board was developed to accommodate the nba3n206s device. this evaluation board was designed to provide a flexible and convenient platform to quickly evaluate, characterize and verify the operation of the nba3n206s.
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mlvds driver receiver

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