sipm direct time of flight (dtof) lidar-凯发登录

the direct time of flight (dtof) sipm lidar platform is a single point range finder development kit for cost-optimized industrial and commercial applications. the kit is based on the latest nir sipm from on semiconductor (rb series) and integrates all the essential sub-systems for the application involving laser and reference circuit (tx), receiving circuit (rx), power management systems, and core fpga and uart communication. the kit is fda certified and includes a multifunctional gui enabling a complete evaluation of the range-finding performance as well as the adjustment of system variables such as the buffer number of pulses or the bias voltage for the sipm-rb photomultiplier.


  • direct tof operation for single point applications
  • > 0.11 m to 23 m detectable range
  • out of the box operation with user-friendly gui with adjustable system variables
  • optimized system cost
  • time to digital conversion (tdc)
    • fpga based (ice3)
    • ~ 85ps bin width
    • automatic tdc calibration (fpga reference clock)
  • power supply
    • different supply options
      • usb = 5v
      • pmod connector = 3.3v
  • laser and optics
    • rb-series sipm detector
    • 905nm laser diode transmitter
    • 650-1050nm coated bk7 plano-convex lenses
      • maximize distance measurement
    • 905±5nm band pass optical filter (fwhm: 30±5nm) for rx
      • highest sensitivity in selected spectrum
  • regulations
    • complies - laser safety standard iec / en 60825-1:2014 and 21 cfr 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to laser notice no. 56
    • fda certified
  • software
    • software adjustable settings for variety of industrial and iot applications
    • fpga-based time-to-digital convertor (tdc), readout, communication interface and control of two regulated bias supplies


  • indoor navigation and range-finding (up to 23 m)
  • collision detection
  • 3d mapping
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