universal controller board (ucb) with zynq®-凯发登录

the universal controller board (ucb) is a powerful system on module (som) based on the xilinx® zynq®-7000 soc and suited for high-end control and ai applications. the module brings together the software programmability of an a dual arm cortex-a9 mp core with the hardware programmability of an fpga and enabling key analytics and hardware acceleration while integrating cpu, dsp, assp, and mixed signal functionality on a single device. sporting a 2x256mb of system memory (ddr3) and two options for non-volatile storage (qspi flash and micro sd card) the ucb is designed to load the fpga bit stream and microcontroller code upon power from the sd card when available, or from the qspi flash otherwise. the ucb empowers several development platforms offered by on semiconductor such as . full documentation and availability information via on semiconductor partner . trenz reference number te0716.

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  • mcu
    • zynq® 7000 series soc - xilinx®
    • 2x 667 mhz cpu cortex a9
  • peripherals
    • 10 channels differential adc (on semiconductor )
    • 12 complementary pwm channels
    • freely configurable digital peripherals
    • usb to jtag/uart interface for configuration/debug
    • on-board: eth phy and usb on-the-go
    • off-board: can (external transceiver required), usb otg connector and eth connector
  • memory
    • 512mb ram
    • 512kb eeprom (on semiconductor )
    • micro sd card and qspi flash
  • user interface
    • on-board debugger
    • leds/buttons
  • power inputs
    • 5.0v supply pins for the soc
    • 5v0_vaa ~100 ma (connectable to 5v0)
    • power management: , x3
  • boot options
    • optional from sd card or qspi flash
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universal controller board (ucb) with zynq®-7000 soc fpga and arm®-based processor ,  , 
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