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未来,adas 需要融合多个传感器模式,以便在更多场景中避免事故,最终拯救更多生命。凭借智能电源和传感技术以及先进的汽车凯发网信誉的解决方案,我们与全球工程师合作,更快、更安全地实现这一未来。





quasi-resonant flybackcontroller, high frequency

the ncp1342 is a highly integrated quasi−resonant flyback controller suitable for designing high−performance off−line power converters. with an integrated active x2 capacitor discharge feature,the ncp1342 can enable no−load power consumption below 30 mw.


mc34063a, mc33063a,sc34063a, sc33063a,ncv33063a

the mc34063a series is a monolithic control circuit containing the primary functions required for dc−to−dc converters. these devices consist of an internal temperature compensated reference, comparator, controlled duty cycle oscillator with an active current limit circuit,driver and high current output switch.


bluetooth® 5 radio system-on-chip (soc)

rsl10 is an ultra−low−power, highly flexible multi−protocol 2.4 ghz radio specifically designed for use in high−performance wearable and medical applications. with its arm® cortex®−m3processor and lpdsp32 dsp core, rsl10 supports bluetooth low energy technology and 2.4 ghz proprietary protocol stacks, without sacrificing power consumption.


ncp3063, ncp3063b,ncv30633

the ncp3063 series is a higher frequency upgrade to the popularmc34063a and mc33063a monolithic dc−dc converters. these devices consist of an internal temperature compensated reference, comparator, a controlled duty cycle oscillator with an active current limit circuit, a driver and a high current output switch.


tl431a, b series,ncv431a, b series,scv431a

the tl431a, b integrated circuits are three−terminal programmable shunt regulator diodes. these monolithic ic voltage references operate as a low temperature coefficient zener which is programmable from vref to 36 v with two external resistors.


secondary side synchronous rectification driver for high efficiency smps topologies

the ncp4306 is high performance driver tailored to control asynchronous rectification mosfet in switch mode power supplies.thanks to its high performance drivers and versatility, it can be used in various topologies such as dcm or ccm flyback, quasi resonant flyback, forward and half bridge resonant llc.


the difference between gan and sic transistors

for decades, silicon has dominated the transistor world. but that has been gradually changing. compound semiconductors made of two or three materials have been developed and offer unique benefits and superior characteristics.


how to evaluate and compare silicon photomultiplier sensors

the silicon photomultiplier (sipm) is a single−photon sensitive light sensor that combines performance characteristics that exceed those of a pmt, with the practical advantages of a solid state sensor.


sipms in direct tof ranging applications

lidar is a ranging technique that is increasingly being employed in applications such as mobile range finding,automotive adas (advanced driver assistance systems),gesture recognition and 3d mapping.


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