do not sell my personal information-凯发登录

as of january 1, 2020, the california consumer privacy act (“ccpa”) provides california consumers (california residents) with certain rights regarding their personal information. this page describes your ccpa rights and explains how to exercise those rights subject to our verification process.

please make sure to provide first, last name, and email address, the context or any other personal information you believe you have given us to help process your request, please use the same device and browser. additional information will be sent to the email address provided for validation.

right to short report of pi collection

report will describe for the 12-month period after your request: (1) categories/ specific pieces of pi collected; and (2) purposes

right to expanded report of pi collection

you will know:

  1. categories/ specific pieces of pi collected
  2. commercial/ business purposes for same
  3. sources of pi collected
  4. third parties we share your pi with

right to know data sold/disclosed for a business

we do not sell data for cash. we do use cookies. we do share with partners we tell you about.

do not sell* my pi/opt-out of cookies

we do not sell your data for cash, but we do use cookies and tracking technologies.

you can .

right to access

you can request access to the data that we have available for you going back for a 12-month period following your verifiable request.

right to delete your data for the past year

note that we will not delete data that is necessary to complete a transaction you initiated; or that we use for our internal purposes.

onsemi will not discriminate against you for exercising any of your ccpa rights. we do offer loyalty programs, coupons and financial incentives.