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in the czech republic we operate in rožnov pod radhoštěm and brno. our main focus is manufacturing, ic development, it shared service center, emea finance, and many other fields. most of our teams work on international projects and intract daily with colleagues worldwide.

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rožnov pod radhoštěm
design center

the rožnov development center focuses on various kinds of circuits – from high precision analog design up to complex mixed mode asics. typical applications for these devices are power supplies for consumer electronics, led lighting with high efficiency or in iot. the site also develops special circuits in the wireless segment designed for top cell phone manufacturers worldwide. such devices can be also found in automotive applications such as adas, lidar and on-board entertainment.

are you a big fan of electronic? do you understand analog circuits, vhdl, fpga or programming? would you like to work on leading edge solutions together with top companies around the globe? then rožnov pod radhoštěm is the right place for you!

design center

the brno design center focuses on new product development of complex integrated solutions for automotive market, covering both main kinds of products asic and assp. main activities are analog and digital design, physical layout, prototypes validation, design of production testing, product application engineering, program management and marketing. the typical products are sensors (position, ultrasound, pressure) or smart drivers & actuators (led drivers, stepper drivers, sbcs) or networking (can, lin, flexray) and typical contain precise low voltage signal preconditioning followed by adc, dsp processing and output hv drivers or communications.

the design enablement provides differentiating & cost effective design enablement infrastructure and components for all onsemi’s product design groups and support mainly in design platforms, tools, methodology and ips  with activities like digital libraries or memory cells design including memory compilers or complex analog ips.

rožnov pod radhoštěm

the rožnov fab specializes in the manufacturing of digital and analog integrated circuits primarily for bipolar technologies supporting automotive, computer, and portables end-markets. the rožnov site also supplies raw silicon wafers for use within on semiconductor.

rožnov pod radhoštěm
it shared service center

the it shared service center in rožnov provides a wide scale of internal shared services to the global corporation and is one of the largest it groups within the company. the activities include design, development, integration, and implementation of software solutions for both enterprise and manufacturing systems, factory integration and automation, infrastructure and database services, desktop support and 24x7 it system operations.

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